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01 August 2012 @ 10:45 pm
I'm going to re-open my graphics community because Im bored, have nothing to do at the moment, have thousands of pics to turn into pretty graphics aaaaaaaaaand I feel like practicing haha ^^; so hopefully you remember you can go to flyme_soh and enjoy the new graphics I'll be posting, to start again I'll delete all the previous entries (except faq and rules of course) and I'll be reposting stuff I didn't post back then and such yeah
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10 October 2011 @ 11:59 am
Im so ashamed of myself but tumblr took me hostage (?) plus life's been busy and I truly dont know what else to post plus I've never been as active here...X_X
though I like LJ..I do like LJ
23 July 2011 @ 06:46 pm
 man, cant believe i posted here like 13 days ago, it surprises me
10 July 2011 @ 06:23 pm
That I am a Johnny's fan it's known by most of my friends, that I love kpop is too as well. 
That I enjoy anime music, yeah true I don't deny it.

But now..visual kei? that's new for me

Shiver by the Gazette..now that has made me realize..that I'm entering into that mode again...>D


Reita <3
20 February 2011 @ 11:11 pm
  O_O is it for real? now I wonder about that myseld =D..XD
lol well..I blame Masuda takahisa for that lol XD jk jk to think that first I liked Yamapi then Tegoshi..and now Massu..I guess I confused him with tegoshi and lol..got to like him more XD

Oh he's just sooooo cute....
19 February 2011 @ 11:20 pm

NEWS!!! Yuya TEgoshi <3 

I think Im going to start to listen to them more haha..havent really hard much from them..only this, shock me and week.

I might fill my journal with graphics of news..and kat-tun

total kat-tun mode but..Im obsessing over this song by NEWs right now..oh well

random random ..dont pay attention XD
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06 December 2010 @ 11:43 am
Life is boring, also internet life is getting boring. gah I miss going to uni..guess I'll make some graphics to keep my mind off my problems..

I dont really know what to do...Im so...DAMN BOREEEEED need to spice things up a bit

do something to dbskkingdom! or post stuff at gentle rain!! feel like it means something to be on the internet!!! DX
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31 July 2010 @ 01:38 pm
 I decided it, I'll use this blog for random stuff..and such..updates on life..and such...and I will create one especially for art related stuff..anime, manga, graphics etc, but my work will be posted at gentle rain..so that art blog I'm planning to create is mostly for traditional art and some digital art..whatever comes to my mind ^__^
25 July 2010 @ 12:23 am
 I love Eunhyuk..so I had to make a banner of him..I know it's not AS GREAT but it loooks nice to me..I think that's important too?


I enjoy the fact that now Im working at a new community with dear friend kamizuki1212  ^^ I feel that Im going to improve a lot here! so please visit this new community gentle_rain_gfx  ^^

If you used to visit flyme_sohigh  graphics well you can still look at what was posted there but from now on I will be posting my graphics at Gentle Rain ^___^

Let's improve together when ti comes to graphics!!!!

Im so happy <3 lovely hyukkie ^^
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15 July 2010 @ 01:07 am
 I'm bored out of my mind..and I was making a wallp..guess what? PS froze and I lost it T__T

wasnt turning out as good anyway =S

what to do...

need to practice my colouring more I think

either that or...sh!t should update dbsk kingdom..havent done t hat in more than a month..bad admin bad admin